Dorothy Johnson
AUTHOR "From A to Z, Life Begins at 17" and "My Name is Dorothy, I am the Daughter of a Pioneer Woman"
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2 minute 2 second
brief clip on YouTube
includes Bat Masterson Theme Song
Dorothy Johnson
plays Claire Cantrell
Gene Barry
plays Bat Masterson
Bat Masterson Episode
"Death by the Half Dozen"
NBC-TV Western
First Broadcast February 4, 1960
Saturday Night Prime Time
Following photographs are scenes from the television show episode;
Claire Cantrell and Bat Masterson share a stage coach ride
on their way to Mesquite Springs, Nevada in 1869.
Stage coach is attacked and Claire Cantrell is kidnapped.
Bat Masterson rescues the Damsel in Distress.
Show Business Spotlight
This episode was filmed at the Ray Corrigan Ranch outdoor studios in Southern California.
Fred Ziv of Ziv Television Programs, Inc. created the Bat Masterson Series.
Ziv Television Programs, Inc. pioneered the concept of television show syndication.
Bat Masterson series was based on a book by Richard O'Conner
Bat Masterson Series
Season 1 .............. 1958-1959
Season 2 .............. 1959-1960
Season 3 .............. 1960-1961
Series First Episode Debut - 1958
Series Last Episode Broadcast - 1961
Dorothy Johnson/Claire Cantrell Episode Bat Masterson Show Season 2
Original National Broadcast Date February 4, 1960
Final dialogue in episode,
 Bat Masterson speaks to young child;
"Johnny, that's the trouble with grown ups,
they just refuse to believe the impossible."