Dorothy Johnson
AUTHOR "From A to Z, Life Begins at 17" and "My Name is Dorothy, I am the Daughter of a Pioneer Woman"
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                             Dorothy   Johnson   Photo   Gallery                      

Dorothy Johnson and Debbie Reynolds at Los Angeles Rodeo Show
This photograph appeared in
December 1953 issue of Movie Stars Parade Magazine  
Dorothy Johnson 1959 Los Angeles Home Show Queen 
with Ronald Reagan, General Electric Spokesperson
and future 40th President United States of America
Dorothy Johnson meets her friend and hero Sophie Tucker in Las Vegas
Archie Loveland (R) Manager El Rancho Vegas Club
Ted Shapiro (L) Sophie's accompanist.  1954 Photo
Dorothy Johnson played the character "Harriet Wilde" on
Bob Cummings' Television Show "Love That Bob"
Dorothy and Bob did promo spots together for program sponsors
like Carnation Milk, Winston Cigarettes and Tang Breakfast Drink 
which aired during the television broadcasts.
Dorothy Johnson in her Hollywood film debut,
"The Joker's Wild" starring Frank Sinatra
Above scene Dorothy Johnson (2nd from right in white coat)
with actors Eddie Albert (left) and Jackie Coogan (center)
Dorothy's earnings from this movie role paid for her
Screen Actors Guild membership.  Dorothy continues to this day
to be a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG).
Dorothy played Sister Ophelia in 1958 Hollywood motion picture film classic "The Littlest Hobo" from Allied Artist productions.
"The Littlest Hobo" movie inspired the popular long running
Canadian TV Series of the same name
Dorothy  Johnson's  career as print model began at age 15
as a junior model for the White Stag / Jantzen
manufacurers clothing in Portland, Oregon
wardrobe credits in above photo
/ Hanky Panky: Neiman Marcus / pearls: Saks / sunglasses: Gucci /
D O R O T H Y     J O H N S O N    t o d a y
 Actress - Author  - Healthy Living Advocate - Food Blogger - Entertainer
Dorothy Johnson and Conrad Hilton
Dorothy attended the March 23, 1958 gala grand opening of the new high rise Havana Hilton Hotel in Havana, Cuba as the special guest of   
Mr. Conrad N. Hilton founder of the worldwide Hilton Hotel chain. 
Dorothy's book "From A to Z, Life Begins at 17" is dedicated to Conrad Hilton
Dorothy Johnson and Bob Cummings kissing in a scene from the 
national television comedy hit series "Love that Bob" starring Bob Cummings.
  Dorothy Johnson was selected to portray the dream girl of Pat Boone and his friends in "Bernardine" the 1957 Hollywood hit movie.   
The film was Pat Boone's movie acting debut.  The lyrics and music for the song "Bernardine" was composed by Johnny Mercer.   The song "Bernardine" was the #1 hit on Billboards USA music sold in stores charts for the week of June 10, 1957.  Co-incidentally, when the song Bernardine hit the top of the charts at #1, Dorothy Johnson also appeared on live national television in 2 credited comedy sketches with comedian Jerry Lewis on Jerry's first ever Live TV Special which aired June 8, 1957.
copy the link below to your browser to hear Pat Boone sing Bernardine  
Dorothy Johnson became friends with Pat Boone and his wife Shirley
and the friendship continues to this day.    About Jerry Lewis, Dorothy Johnson has nothing but praise for the comedy genius.
Dorothy Johnson's guest appearance with Jerry Lewis on Live National Television during Jerry Lewis' first TV comedy special broadcast  
June 8, 1957  Additional guests appearing on the show included singer Eydie Gorme, comedians Dan Rowan and Dick Martin and Jerry's show business father and young son Gary Lewis.